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"Return of Saturn" Lyrics Comming soon to No Doubt Country

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You think that we connect 

That the chemistry's correct 

Your words walk right through my ears 

Presuming I like what I hear 

And now I'm stuck in the web You're spinning 

You've got me for your prey...

 Sorry I'm not home right now

 I'm walking into spiderwebs 

So leave a message And I'll call you back

 A likely story, but leave a message And I'll call you back 

You take advantage of what's mine You're taking up my time

 Don't have the courage inside me To tell you please just let me be

 Communication, a telephonic invasion 

I'm planning my escape...


 And it's all your fault I screen my phone calls

 No matter who calls I gotta screen my phone calls

 Now it's gone too deep You wake me in my sleep 

My dreams become nightmares 'Cause you're ringing in my ears 



Excuse Me Mr.

I'm like a beggar with no luck 

I'm holding signs up On your street corner stops

 Like most you try not to see me

You stare straight ahead Ignore the responsibility 

Excuse me...excuse me Mr.

 I've been waiting in line And I'd like to buy some of your time 

I'm every anxioux, eager, willing. What's your billing? 

So please excuse me Mr. You've got things all wrong

You make it feel like a crime 

So don't comfuse me Mr. I've know you too long

 And I need is a little of your time 

For most love comes for free

 They don't pay the high cost Of mental custody 

I'll pay bail for a guarantee Please make space for me In the time yet to be

 Excuse me...excuse me Mr. And I'd been saving up my life, What's your price? 


What should I do I'm about to crack And there's a force That comes over  me

 It's almost as if I'm tied to the tracks

 And I'm waiting for him To rescue me 

The funny thing is He's not going to come he's not going to find me

 This a a matter of fact The desire you lack 

This is the way I guess it has to be... A little of your time Please, a little of your time 


I'm in line to buy time I'm in line to buy time 


Just A Girl

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes 

I'm exposed And it's no big surprise

 Don't you think I know Exactly where I stand 

This world is forcing me To hold your hand

 'Cause I'm just a girl, little ol' me Don't let me out of your sight 

I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite So don't let me have any rights 

Oh...I've had it up to here! 

The moment that I step outside So many reasons For me to run and hide

 I can't do the little things I hold so dear 

'Cause it's all those little things That I fear 

'Cause I'm just a girl. I'd rather not be

 'Cause they won't let me drive Late at night 

I'm just a girl, Guess I'm some kind of freak 

'Cause they all sit and stare With their eyes

 I'm just a girl. Take a good looks at me 

Just your typical prototype

 Oh...I've had it up to here! I making myself clear? 

I'm just a girl I'm just a girl in the world...

 That's all that you'll let me be!

 I'm just a girl, living in captivity 

Your rule of thumb Make me worry some

 I'm just a girl, what's my destiny? What I've succumbed to Is making me numb

 I'm just a girl. my apologies What I've becocme is burdensome 

I'm just a girl. lucky me Twiddle-dum there's no camparison

 Oh...I've had it up to! Oh...I've had it up to!! Oh...I've had it up to here. 



Happy Now

You had the best But you gave her up 

'Cause dependency might interrupt

 Idealistic will so hard to please 

Put your indecisive mind at ease

 You broke the set Now there's only singles

 There's no looking back This time I mean it

 Are you happy now?

 How is it now? 

Are you happy now?

 Are you happy?

 The uncertainty you had of me 

Brought clouded shady company 

The tenderness habitual A seldom-fading ritual

 You killed the pair Now only one is breathing 

There's no looking back This time I mean it


No more leaning on your sholder

 I won't be there, no more bother 

If you feel you just might want me 

That's too bad, I'm not that easy

 The contemplator all those years

 Now you must adhere To your new career 

of liberation You've been cast all by yourself 

You're free at last

 You broke the set Now there's only singles 

There's no looking back This time I mean it 


You're by yourself, All by yourself You have no one else, You're by yourself 



Different People

Things can be broken down In this world of ours 

You don't have to be a famous person Just to make your mark

 A mother can be an inspiration To here little son 

Change his thoughs, his mind, his life, Just with her gentle hum

 So different, yet so the same 

Two sisters only have their parents to blame

 It's rare that two can get along 

But when they do, they're inseparable

 Such a blessing comes to few

 The sky is full of clouds and My world's full 

of people

 All different kinds 

with different ways

 It would take a lifetime to explain 

No one's exactly the same 

He and she, two different people With two separate lives 

Then you put the two together And get a spectacular surprise

 'Cause one can teach the other one What she doesn't know 

While still the other fills a place inside 

He never knew had room to grow 


Once in a while I sit back And think about the planet

 Most of the time I trip on it 

To kick back and think about How massive it all is

 And how many others are one it 

I often think about the world In which I live today, 

of animals and plants And nature's gift set on display 

But the most amazing thing That I've seen in my time 

Are all the different people 

And all their different minds 

And different ways

 It would take a lifetime to explain 

Not one's exactly the same

 So many different people

 So many different kinds So many different people 

So many different kinds 

Look at me, I'm a person Look at me, I'm my own person So many different people So many different kinds For better or for worse, different people 



Hey You

Hey you with the wedding dress on

 Made of white chiffon blowing in the wind 

Hey you with the dreams in your head 

You've been so mistead by your heart's pull

 I know your waiting for your ship to come in 

You anxiously wait for such a long time 

You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll 

You dress up and play the game 

You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll 

Your name will never change 

Hey you with your eyes full of hope

 You think you can rope your desire

 Hey you, you naive thing 

Your patience in time will tire 

I know you're waiting for your tide to roll in 

How did you ever get such high hopes?


You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll 

In a plastic world of make believe 

You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll

 You know he's just gonna leave 



The Climb

Step by step I come closer to reaching the top 

Every step must be placed so that I don't fall off

 Looking down to see about how much higher I am 

Another cool wind comes through, brushes my skin 

The harder I pust the tension does grow 

I gather my thoughts the further and further I go 

With some luck I just might keep on climbing

 So better to climb than to face a fall 

So high the climb 

Can't turn back now 

Must keep climbing up to the clouds 

So high the climb

 Can't turn back now 

Must keep climbing up to the clouds 

Pulling myself up by a rope I better my view

 The only thing in sight is what I must do 

As I turned I could see myself falling 

Which in return gave me strength for the climb


 Although many failed I must now prevail with no question

 Have no time to stop Onward to the top of the mountain 

And I can't turn back now 

It's so very high but I can't turn back now

 If I keep it up, I'm gonna make it

 I'm so very close 

can't you see 


I'm getting closer... 




You've been a juvenil

 With a dolphin smile 

With no elbow room 

and your body in bloom

You've had in your little backyard 

Portected by big walls 

You didn't dare look over 

'Cause you've been too small

 Now you're finally sixteen And you're feelin' old 

But they won't believe That you got a soul 

'Cause you're only sixteen And you're feeling real 

But you can't seem to cop a feel 

Why do they have to force us 

Through this metamorphose 

Little butterfly 

No matter how you try

You'll be segregated You're gonna be closed off 

You're callow and you're green 'Cause you're caught between 

You're only sixteen Try to cross the line 

But your little wings are interwined 

You're only sixteen And you're such a tease 

And there's nothing you can do That can really please 

These children They're not really bad most of them They're just products Of rotten neighborhoods And bad family situations 

You know you can't forsake it 

So sit back and take it

 You see you're just not ripe

 So don't try and fight

 that You're only sixteen You wanna catch a peek 

But they look at you Like you're such a freak

 Well you're only sixteen With a lot to say 

But they won't give you The time of day

 You're only sixteen! You're only sixteen!! You're just sixteen!!! You poor little thing 


Sunday Morning

Sappy pathetic little me 

That was the girl I used to be

 You had me on my knees

 I'd trade you places any day 

I'd never thought you could be that way

 But you looked like me on Sunday

 You came in with the breeze 

On Sunday morning 

You sure had changed since yesterday 

Without any warning

I thought I knew you 

I thought I knew you

 I thought I knew you well 

You're trying my shoes on for a change 

They look so good but fit so strange 

Out of fashion, so I can complain 


 I know who I am, but who are you? 

You're not looking like you used to

 You're on the other side of the mirror 

So nothing's looking quite as clear 

Thank you for turning on the lights 

Thank you, now you're the parasite 

I didn't think you had it in you 

And now you're looking like I used to! 

You came in with the breeze On Sunday morning 

You sure have changed since yesterday 

Without any warning

 And you want me badly 

You cannot have me

 I thought I knew you 

But I've got a new view 

I thought I knew you well...oh well 


Don't Speak

You and me 

We used to be together 

Every day together always

 I really feel I'm losing my best friend 

I can't believe This could be the end

 It looks as though you're letting go 

And if it's real, Well I don't want to know 

Don't speak I know just what you're saying

 So please stop explaining

 Don't tell me 'cause it hurts 

Don't speak I know what you're thinking

 I don't need your reasons 

Don't tell me 'cause it hurts

 Our memories They can be inviting

 But some are altogether Mighty frightening

 As we die, both you and I 

With my head in my hands I sit and cry 


It's all ending I gotta stop pretending who we are...

 You and me I can see us dying...are we? 



You Can Do It

Since you've been gone 

Since you've been unglued 

It's hard to figure out You're next move

 One minute here The next you're gone

 Let's make an end To this sad, sad song

 For you it's hard to take

 'Cause the pull has an awful taste 

Just open up and swallow down

 Once it his bottom 

Things may turn around

 Unfortunately this is the case

 You've got to catch up And win the race

 Straighten yourself out... 

You can do it 

One minute here The next you're gone

 Let's make an end To this sad, sad song 

They can't understand That you mean to do good

 I guess you could say You're musunderstood

 I know you're meaning well But you're been shot to hell 

Just come back and join us now 

'Cause I know that you know how 


 I know it seems They're messing with your mind

 But you don't have to go Forward blind

 So let the bygones be hygone 

And let's make an end To this sad, sad song




World Go Round

In the quickness of our haste

 It seems we forget how to live The old blueprint

 No longer manifests itself As the correct way to exist 

Wipe the grime off the view 

hold And please take a closer look

 Enviromental bandits Up to their shenanigans

 Crooks disguised... 

We've got to fid another way To make the world go 'round 

Our individual roles we think 

Not so important to the plot The big pictures unseen

 Leaving life in between Destoryed and overwrought 

There's no need to paint the finger 

We understand who takes the blame 

Delinquents caught Red-handed in the act

 Crooks disguised as you and I

 We've got to find another way To make the world go 'round 

You see there's many many many People in the world 

And I'm not sure if I like What I've heard

 I'm not sure if I like What I'm doing myself 

I'm not sure if I like how it turns 

Degradation Violation Inexcusable exploitation 

It's the dawning of a new era 

People consciously don't care How unfair

 We've got to find another way To make the world go 'round 


End It On This

You see in the past I had a dream A fantasy 

I thought that we would last Become a little family 

Then one, two, three, four 

The years were flying by They soared 

And it's my gut feeling It's not happening for me,

 so... Let's end it on this Geive me one last kiss

 Let's end it on this Let's end it on this 

You see it's hard to face The addict that's inside of me

 I want to fill my glass up With you constantly

 I've been here before 

But I've never ever felt this sure

 But I've never ever felt this sure

 And now I know I've been dreaming

 And your actions Have inspired me,



 I open up, you ignore me 

You're not the same at all

 And if I could turn back The pages of time

 I'd rewrite your point of view 

Washed up on the shore Given one last chance

 To try some more But I'm tired,

 I've freezing Let's stop and call it history 


Tragic Kingdome

Once was a magical place Over time it was lost 

Price increased the cost

 Now the fortune of the kingdom Is locked up in its dungeon vaults

 The castle floor ties in traps With coiled wires set back

 Decoyed by the old cheese 

Now the drawbridge has been lifted

 As the millions They drop to their knees

 They pay homage to a king Whose dreams are buried In their minds

 His tears are frozen stiff Icicles drip from his eyes

 The cold wind blows as it snows

 On those who fight to get in On heads that are small

 Disillusioned as they enter

 They're unaware what's Behind castle walls

 But now it's written in stone

 The king has been overthrown By jesterly fools 

And the power of the people 

Shall come to believe they do rule 

They pay homage to a king Whose dreams are buried In their minds 

His tears are frozen stiff Icicles drip from his eyes

 Welcome to the tragic kingdom

 Cornfields of popcorn Have yet to spring open 

Have they lost their heads Or are they just all blind mice

 We've heard all their stories One too many times

 Hypnotized by fireflies That glow in the dark

 Midgets that disguise themselves As tiny little dwarfs 

The parade that's electrical It serves no real purpose

 Just takes up a lot of juice Just to impress us

Welcome to the tragic kingdom 

Cornfields of popcorn Have yet to spring open  

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