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(Self Titled)

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LET'S GET BACK (G. Stefani, E. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont)

This is a very interesting situation
I sense a gradual loss of communication
Don't you think I can see you're changing on me?
You're heading into a completely new direction
And I am having trouble making the adaptation
Don't you think I can see you're changing on me

Let's get back together
Let's get back forever

If I may be so bold by making a suggestion
Please ask yourself why you are making this transition
Don't you think I can see, you're changing on me

Every time I think of us
I just want to make it how it was
Before we had much more
When I think of me and you
I just can't believe that we are through
I ignore the fact that you closed the door

When I think back, we had a beautiful relationship
But I see the future, what's there for me is devastation from you
Don't you think I can see, you're changing on me


ACHE (E. Stefani)

Woke up this morning and felt not too cool
'Cause every time I tried to make my mouth move
The pain I'm having is so discomforting
Please make this suffering go away

I told my mom what I was feeling
And how long I've been dealing with it
Knew it was coming, but didn't know how soon
She said I've reached another adolescent monsoon

OOoo Ahh... the pain is tremendous
Why can't I take it like a man
OOoo Ahh... the pain is horrendous
Why don't you lend a helpin' hand

He was a well-educated man, had his degree in medicine
I noticed his hairy hands... he was a very, very hairy man


GET ON THE BALL (E. Stefani, G. Stefani)

Don't wait too long or she'll be gone fast as a blink

Get on the ball if you love your lover
No gesture to small
Tear down the walls if you love her
Just give it your all

Ooo yeah, you've got to tell her that she's the only one
Show her, make sure she'll never feel abandoned

Get on the ball if you love your lover
No gesture too small
Tear down the walls if you love her
Just give it your all

Don't wait too long or she'll be gone fast as a blink
Don't wait too long or she'll be gone fast as a blink

Ooo yeah, you've got to tell her that she's the only one
Show her, make sure she'll never feel abandoned

There won't be time to even think
So use your mind and instinct
She'll drive you crazy
So don't be so damn lazy


MOVE ON (E. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont, G. Stefani, A. Young)

Some chickens crossed the road, straying
far from the hen

Five reached the side one step below Zen
One was a female, four were mad-men
Who moved on, moved on move on

Standing in line and falling asleep
Building a fence while we're counting the sheep
We'd let you help out but our projects are too deep
Move on, move on, move on

You have to understand that when it comes
to making music
We meshed the styles of five alive and
intertwined and fused it
Life comes from life and through our strife we
strove to make the sound true
Compelled to spell it out, in search
of what we must do

Our house was to small so we had to move
The neighbors had much doubts so we had to prove
That our soulful dimensions were true to the groove
We, moved on, moved on, moved on

Water the music, plant the seeds in the pot
Music is life flowing through... is it not?
Don't forget your roots, but also don't rot
Just move on, move on, move on Don't be afraid, let your feelings show Wear
your heart on your sleeve,
and let yourself glow


SAD FOR ME (E. Stefani, G. Stefani)

Please Miss Fried
He don't mean to be mean
He just needs to leave
He hopes he does not
Cause you inconvenience
Why can't you see?

He says, "please don't be sad for me"

Oh Miss Fried
Please believe you're his queen
He must fight for his dreams
Lovely Miss Fried
He will too miss you
He just needs to be free

He says, "If I should ever cause you to
bleed... don't pretend to be naive"

Don't take him wrong, let him be
Sometimes he feels like he ought to be alone

He says, "Please don't be sad for me"


DOORMAT (E. Stefani, T. Kanal, G. Stefani)

I'm not your doormat, your floormat
So don't wipe your feet on me
I'm not the only Garibaldi
There's more fish in the sea
I'm not your puppy, nor goldfish
So don't treat me like your pet
I'm not your butterfly, so don't try
To chase me with your net I'm not your kneaded eraser
So don't you wear me down
I'm not your sledge, sledge hammer
I'm no tool, that you pound
I'm not your blacktop, for hopscotch
So don't jump all over me
I'm not the place where the dogs roam
At the bottom of the tree Don't you treat me like I have no feelings
Don't you treat me like that, I have feelings
Don't treat me like that
Don't you treat me like that
Don't treat me like that
Don't you treat me like that! I'm not your carefree, nor sugarless
Like the gum on your shoe,
I'm not the ring 'round your finger
Nor am I wrapped around you
I'm not your shoe string, your rope thing
So don't tie me in a knot
I'm not your asphalt, with oil spots
So don't use me as a parking lot


BIG CITY TRAIN (E. Stefani, T. Kanal, G. Stefani, T.

Can you hear that whistle
Loud clackety-clack
It's calling me
The station is where it's at
It's coming again now
Chuggin' down that track
Just check your records
Got all my bags packed

You'll always find me waiting for that train to come through
Come get me, take me, to the land where my dreams come true

This time I'll board that train
It won't be long
Check the label on my baggage
Destination in my song
Talk to the conductor
Saved up my fare
Yakety-yak for a while



Hurry grab my luggage
Hurry grab my bags
It seems the locomotive
Has been taken another track
A penny brought on by mischief
A penny, a form of cash
Has been placed upon the railway
We are destined to be a smash!

TRAPPED IN A BOX (E. Stefani, T. Dumont, G. Stefani, T. Kanal)

Trapped in a box of tremendous size
It distorts my vision, it closes my eyes
Attracts filthy flies and pollutes in the skies
Sucks up our lives and proliferates lies
Trapped in a box

Trapped in a box, four walls as sky
Got a screen for a window about two feet wide
My mind rides and slides as my circuits are fried
No room for thought, use the box as my guide
Trapped in a box

Trapped in a box
Watch the world as it flocks
To life's paradox
We're all trapped in a box

Trapped in a box I'm not alone
I know of others with a box as their home
Light only enters from a crack or a hole
This is not enough for a human to grow
Trapped in a box


Always wanting a different view
Instant gratification for you
Reality gone in a single click
Just hope that that switch won't stick

Trapped in a box my life becomes void
All I thought for myself is now destroyed
Controlling my mind, what to eat, what to buy
Subliminal rules: how to live, how to die
Trapped in a box



SOMETIMES (T. Dumont, G. Stefani, E. Stefani, T. Kanal)

Sometimes sunshine
Does not want to shine on me
And sometimes I find myself blind
At first I cannot see and then I see it's me

I chose a road when I was young
In search of fun temptations won
And all my soul I did surrender
If I had a chance to back now
Would I redeem my moral vows
Or would I repeat for my own laughter

Sometimes I hide somewhat
Like a bulb behind a shade
And sometimes I ask myself why
Is it cause the lights are too bright
Or because my eyes are closed too tight

Sometimes I find myself blind
Don't use my brain don't use my mind
Distorted feelings always leading my way
But I must forgive myself
and let the past lay down to rest
And be prepared to face myself in another day

From now on I will behave
But in the back of my mind I will be enslaved


SINKING (E. Stefani)

You're on a wide open ocean
No one around you for miles
Your thinkin' of drinkin' on water
While you're sailing the Nile

No one to stop you on your way
Flyin' by goes a stork
You decide to bring your oars in now
But accidently knock out the cork

Row your boat to shore
'Cause it is leaking and you're still drinking
Unless you cork the hole
You won't be sailing, you'll be sinking

Not knowin' your sinkin'
You take out a bottle of rum
Swiggin' a drink to the bottom
The bottle reads 'Van Monchinghum'

Oars back into the water
You think you'll sail on
But you can't 'cause your boat contains
Three and a half gallons


Row, row, row your boat
Sail your ship to shore
You're barely, barely, barely keeping afloat
I hope that you won't drink no more



i'm hungry
i'm starving
i want some food for my tummy

i want some
pizza coke and ice cream
popcorn cotton candy
marshmallows milkshake and peanuts
would be so great
pies chips candy apples
twinkies frosted flakes
donuts french fries
and some chocolate cake with mustard
cookies avocados pancakes
pineapple juice
whipped cream on some raw meat
that's not all i could eat

i'm hungry
i'm starving
i want some food for my tum...

i want some
honey roasted walnuts
pepperoni slices
pasta and burritos
different kinds of rices
cherries dipped in chocolate
cottage cheese and jelly
colonel sander's chicken
still won't fill my belly
broccoli sticky syrup
churros dipped in sauce
drippy sloppy joes

then i'm full at last
ahhh ahhh
i'm full at last


PAULINA (E. Stefani)

Paulina - she's on the cover of a magazine
Paulina - a woman in my nightly dreams
Paulina - who makes me grin in any pose
Paulina - I wish she'd take off all her clothes

Paulina - well I stare at her pictures all day long
Paulina - and as I do I sing this song
Paulina - my father says to act my age
Paulina - as I single handedly turn the page

Paulina - well I paste her pictures on the wall
Paulina - sit by the phone and hope she'll call
Paulina - although I know she never will
Paulina - to indulge myself is such a thrill

Paulina - she's the big red apple of my eye
Paulina - I wish she'd lay down by my side
Paulina - but if she ever knew my pursuit
Paulina - she would probably file a huge lawsuit

Yeah yeah oh oh oh oh


BRAND NEW DAY (E. Stefani, T. Kanal)

At the end of the day you are worn, and too tired to sleep
But then you do dream of wonderful things
That you might do, right on through to the next day

And then you wake up
The sun's on your face
You're stretchin' while you're sayin'
It's a Brand New Day!

It's a brand new day and the sky is clear
So let's come together, everybody cheer
Come out people from everywhere
Let's see your faces, the day we'll share
Celebrate a Brand New Day Everyday!

Call out to the workers and the children in the schools
It's a day of celebration so put down your tools and
Celebrate a Brand New Day Everyday!

Come see the mountains and come see the shores

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